The Energy Field of Love

In the energy field of love, we are surrounded with love, and that brings gratitude. We are thankful for our life and for all the miracles of life. We are thankful for the doggies and the kitties, because they represent love. We are grateful for every act of kindness from others, their affection, caringness, and thoughtfulness.

…In the state of love, we wake up every morning and give thanks for another day of life, and we seek to make life better for everyone around us. Because of the presence of love, things go better; the eggs get fried better; the ducky gets saved; the kitty gets fed; and the doggie is adopted from the pound and brought home. We share our love with everything around us, all forms of life: kitties, doggies, other people, all living things.

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, ch. 12, pg. 175-176

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  1. Susan, is there anything that Dr. Hawkins wrote about his 10-years of living in a cabin in Sedona after he left NYC? I would love to read that aspect of a memoir.

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