Pathway to Freedom and Happiness

The steps out of failure, unhappiness, frustration, lack, want, anger, and depression are deceptively simple. Life is a voyage comparable to being out at sea in which a shift of one degree on the ship’s compass will determine by the end of the trip whether or not one is hundreds of miles off course. The strongest tool, which already exists within, is the spiritual will itself, which, when firmly set, will face and take on any obstacle. It is this spiritual will that determines the success of the venture. From subjective experience, as well as many years of clinical practice, spiritual education, and research, it is confirmed that the spiritual will is the primordial rudder that determines not only this lifetime but also the course of one’s consciousness over great expanses of time, classically termed karma (cal. 1,000).

Truth vs. Falsehood, ch. 13, pg. 250


6 thoughts on “Pathway to Freedom and Happiness”

  1. Lately I have been relistening to Power vs. Force and each time it’s ever so meaningful and applicable to where I am at in the moment. And, in that same vein, what I love most about this quote above is the gentle teaching that I am the one with the choice to listen to my internal spiritual will and let it do its job! Dr. Hawkin’s teachings always stand alone and available for me to experience and realize for myself. This is, of course, a tremendous gift.

  2. Thank you for providing these weekly quotes. I always look forward to receiving them. Lots of love to the team behind Veritas publishing.

  3. Still immensely grateful for these techings and how my life has changed and become more satisfying because of them. Having access to the idea of a long-term spiritual perspective has made all the difficult situations that I have encountered much more easy to deal with, and in fact to see them with new eyes as a learning step on my life journey. Understanding and then deciding on a spiritual setting and then turning it over to the spiritual will has brought a greater confidence to my life and helped to make me a more pleasant person, beneficial to others. Thank you Dr. Hawkins.

  4. DocGuru, his teachings and the transmission of the Silence has transformed my life. In moments of lows, the. Recollection of just the sound of his Voice is enough to revive the awareness of the totalality of his teachings. Its not personal and yet it is. Gratitude, self forgiveness love are what his teachings engender. But most of all Devotional Non duality (Advaita) is the hallmark of his wisdom. Thank you so much DocGuru♥️

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