The Awareness of Reality

Q: If there is no ‘objective’ right or wrong, then what guides behavior?

A: One’s awareness of Reality recontextualizes all meaning and significance as well as any appearances. There are no gains to be desired, no wrongs to avenge, no winners or losers, no causes to sacrifice for. The guide to all action becomes an unconditional lovingness, kindness, and compassion. All choices have consequences, and there is actually no injustice anywhere to be seen when one’s vision is unlimited by time, space, and perception.

from The Eye of the I, ch. 11, pg. 223

6 thoughts on “The Awareness of Reality”

  1. I would love to start or get into a group here in western Washington, preferably Grays Harbor or Thurston counties. Ron

  2. Dearest Susan,
    What a perfect quote to read on the last day of 2019. I am so grateful for The Eye of the Eye, that we used the book for an 8 week series at Unity of Tustin in 2003…and I still have the poster on my refrigerator door! Reading the words in the quote, I realize that I live and breathe it now. And now at 80 years old, that is an immense blessing. Sending you so many good wishes for 2020…
    Deep Gratitude and Love,

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