Devotion to Truth

One’s commitment should be to God and Truth only. Teachers are to be respected, but devotion should be restricted to only the Truth. As Buddha said, “Put no head above your own,” meaning that one’s only true guru is the Self (the Buddha nature).

The Self of the teacher and one’s own Self are one and the same. The teacher becomes a source of inspiration and information. It is the inspiration that supports the quest.

Does spiritual commitment mean one has to give up the world? No, of course not. It means merely that worldly life needs to be recontextualized, restructured, and envisioned differently. It is not the world that is a trap but one’s attachment to it, along with one’s observations that cloud the search for Truth.

from The Eye of the I, ch. 8, pg. 162

5 thoughts on “Devotion to Truth”

  1. Susan, thank you so much for putting these contemplations together and this newsletter .
    They always speak to me and touch and talk to my heart.✨✨✨
    In gratitude.

  2. “The Self of the teacher and one’s own Self are one and the same.”
    This quote reminds me of times during the end of lectures when Dr. Hawkins and Susan would address questions. People would come up and seem blown away by Dr. Hawkins’ presence. They seemed to misinterpret his presence with a dual perspective, or this wondrous presence as something other than themselves. He always seemed to gently remind them that he was merely reflecting their Self back to them.

  3. Duality, like other concepts, is a thought made manifest. Surely there are other paradigms of “existence”. An arbitrary metric for temporal adjustment of the phase space perturbation and illusion of locality.

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