Enlightenment via Nonduality

The spiritual practice of seeking Enlightenment via nonduality is the consequence of intention and commitment. Its practical practice is not so much a matter of ‘doing’ but a way of ‘being’ or aligning with the subjective awareness of life. … Attention is aligned with the field/context rather than the customary focus on content and details. … Also, spiritual work is more like noticing and becoming aware rather than ‘doingness’ per se.
Attitudes that may just seem merely ‘nice’ to ordinary mind become very powerful tools when aligned with spiritual intention and commitment. For instance, to strictly live by the dictum of ‘good will to all life’ is transformative when energized by the Spiritual Will. The decisions to ‘be kind to all of life’ or to respect the sacredness of all that exists are powerful attitudes in spiritual evolution, along with the virtues of compassion, the willingness to forgive, and seeking to understand rather than to judge. By constant surrendering, perceptions dissolve into discernment of essence.