Every Step You Take…

“Every step you take forward spiritually, benefits all of mankind. One person that you forgive, already affects the conscious level of all of mankind. … Therefore, everyone is a potential savior.”
Spiritual commitment simply means to recontextualize the goal and meaning of one’s life. This needs to be done totally, all inclusively, so that life does not become segmented into spiritual work versus ordinary life.
Ethical sense results in fairness, reasonableness, and a modest diplomacy, which are evidence of respect for the feelings of others. People who are the ‘salt of the earth’ are friendly, polite, considerate, and have a sense of balance. In addition, they are generally benign and supportive and refrain from dumping their negative emotions on others or acting them out.
… Collectively, these positive attributes are called ‘character’, and indeed, their acquisition does require personal effort, self­-control, and patience.