The Mind

The mind acts as a processor of data simultaneously from both within and without. It categorizes, sorts, prioritizes, contextualizes, and interprets simultaneously as it concordantly draws on memory banks, emotional centers, and conditioned responses and their correlations. All the above are orchestrated contextually with emotional/animal instincts that are sorted, rejected, accepted, or modified. In addition, this multilayered complexity is simultaneously subject to options, choices, and the will. Options and choices related to meaning and value overall are under the influence and dominance of an all-inclusive, overall field of consciousness having concordant and variable levels of power to the level of consciousness that is also influenced by karmic propensities. Simultaneously, the mind assesses degrees of relative truth, credibility of information, and suitability and probabilities of action within similarity multilayered behavioral social limits, including moral, ethical, social, and religious principles.
…To choose to forgive by giving up the ‘juice’ of justified resentments and grudges disconnects all the associated thoughts and grievances from them, along with their multiple rationalizations and memories…By removing the motherboards of each level, one witnesses that everything merely is just what it is, and judgmentalism is surrendered to God.