The Ego

Q. Is the ego the source of karma?
A: It is the locus and repository. It is very important to realize that the ego and karma are one and the same thing.
… In Reality, there is only one life with periodic reincarnations because conditions are favorable for the resolution of certain problems.
The psychological ego mechanisms most frequently found are:
1. Undoing – one repeats past patterns in order to have the opportunity to make better choices this time.
2. Reaction formation – one takes an extreme opposite view in this lifetime to keep its opposite repressed and out of awareness.
3. Projection – that which is painful to own about oneself is projected onto others.
4. Return of the oppressed  in this lifetime, what one did to others one now suffers in reverse as the victim.
5. Denial – the motivations and thoughts are completely repressed and dismissed as ‘not me’.
…these concepts need to be available for quick recall, as these mechanisms are involved in spiritual purification.
From I : Reality and Subjectivity p. 439
The ego’s survival relies on the defeat of truth… For one thing, spiritual truth challenges the ego’s presumption that it is sovereign. This is seen socially in the rising popularity of secularism… The current appeal of relativism… is that it subserves the ego’s wish to reign supreme by virtue of the statement that there is no absolute truth at all. This currently promoted philosophy is actually based on nihilism…