Let Go the Negative

As we let go the negative, we come into our own power.  It happens of its own.  Happiness was in there all along and now it shines forth after the blocks to it have been surrendered.  We are now influencing everyone with whom we come into contact in a favorable way.  Love is the most powerful of the emotional energy vibrations.  For love, people will go to any lengths and do things that they would never do for any amount of money.

When the negative blocks and “I cant’s” are removed, whole new areas of life open up to us.  Success stems from doing what we like to do best, but most people are tied down to what they imagine they have to do.  As limitations are relinquished, whole new avenues of creativity and expression become available.

From Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, ch.16, pg. 229-230