The Near-Death Experience Community of the Delaware Valley


Still forming Update 8/26/2014: (Philadelphia, PA & Suburbs) If you have had a Near Death Experience and seek greater understanding and acceptance by other people having NDEs, or if you seem very drawn towards studying NDEs for some yet unknown spiritual reason, you may be interested in finding out more information about this, a bit unusual, group. Since the last update, I have given some serious thought and prayer about the intention of this group (existing in the ethereal world at this point). Should this group manifest and thrive, it will be due to its intentions and how they serve the greatest good. As Doc said, just let the positive energy “hum” on its own. My intention is to serve God by permitting this “Near-Death Community”, and any additional members who join it, to heal all people who come into contact with our spiritual energy. The source, not cause, of this healing energy is the Holy Spirit, or Kundalini energy. The group will focus upon NDEr’s experiences and insights into truth and love. If this truly serves the greatest good, then the group will manifest effortlessly, as long as I get out of my own way. Once the Community is formed, we will follow the guidance of community making. (see M. Scott Peck—A Different Drum), and the work of Doctor Hawkins’ book: The Discovery of the Presence of God, Devotional Nonduality. If you have experienced an NDE, and/or wish to learn more about NDEs, you might inquire. Some potential members have ask for more information. Whether we gather together, or not, is left up to Divinity. Because of the very personal nature of many persons’ NDEs, our community’s experiences will remain confidential. I will publicy admit that I “almost” died three times (heart and brain flat-lined) and that the doctor’s were about to pronounce me dead. Yet I came back to life each time. I modestly admit that I have no recollection of going to Heaven. Yet there remains a very strong interest in all of the above. My so-called agenda for forming this group is rather transparent in this respect. So, here I have placed my experiences “on the table” with all of you. Would you be interested in hearing more about our new group? If so, please contact me in the way that is most suitable and appropriate for you.

The Near-Death Experience Community of the Delaware Valley
135 Valley Park Road
Phoenixville (near Valley Forge) PA 19460
United States