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On this “Identification and Illusion” Aug 2004 dvd set, Dr. Hawkins reveals that “what you are” automatically tends to attract that which is natural to that field. Instead of seeking something, be that quality. To be that which you are, value a quality; that which you cherish is what you then become, which is already present. When the willingness is total and complete, then it happens automatically on its own. It doesn’t require effort, suffering or penance. He explains that consciousness of its own seeks the realization of its own Self identity as the source of one’s own existence. We become that which we hold in reverence.

Stop thinking of yourself as a person, because you are not that. If you desire to see the sacredness of all life, it then reveals itself to you. You become that which you want to be. You are it, you don’t have to seek it. Open yourself to your own infinite possibilities by owning yourself as what you desire to be, because you are that already; it’s just that you haven’t owned it yet.

This “Identification and Illusion” Aug 2004 dvd set will change the way you see yourself forever!

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Three DVD Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933297941

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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