2002 Lecture 10 “Karma and the Afterlife” October 2002 (DVD)



by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

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Three DVD Set – $59.95
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 2 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
DVD – Weight: 0.44 Lbs
ISBN-13: 9781933297828


In this extremely powerful and informative lecture, Dr. Hawkins talks about the implications, complexity, and true significance of Karma and what it means. To the western world, Karma is not as well understood but from a spiritual viewpoint it can have profound meaning. By knowing one’s “karmic inheritance,” it can light up areas of one’s own life that can then make sense. This earthly realm seems to be purgatorial in nature where all opportunities for growth exist from the lowest to the divine. A spiritual student has the opportunity to undo negative karma and gain positive karma and can make great strides in their spiritual evolution. There is also a question and answer session at the end.

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