#04-“Positionality and Duality: Transcending the Opposites” Apr 2002 (DVD)



Join Dr. Hawkins in “Positionality and Duality: Transcending the Opposites” as he explains how to transcend positionalities.

Here also is just a partial list of the many topics he covers in this amazing lecture:

  • He explains why just hearing certain information is transformational.
  • He tells us that every single moment everything exists simultaneously and all that is happening is a continuous creation.
  • He assures us that there is no such thing as “nothingness”.
  • He takes us through the “Progressive Fields of Realization” and talks about the theory of evolution.
  • He covers the best way to disassemble the ego.
  • He discusses the basics of quantum mechanics.

All this and much more!

Product Details: Positionality and Duality: Transcending the Opposites
Three DVD Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933297767

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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