2005 Lecture 8 “Spiritual Traps” October 2005 (CD)


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Dr. Hawkins begins with “Spiritual Traps” and how they can block our movement toward a state of Enlightenment. He then talks about evolution and creation and the need to transcend the Newtonian paradigm of cause and effect. He then explains how potentiality becomes an actuality, and why we are not seeing causality. He tells why we hold to the Newtonian paradigm of the level of the 400s.

Dr. Hawkins talks about the value of love versus possession, and the trap of rejecting the source of happiness. He shows us the advantage of being okay with conditions as they are and how to get to that place. He shares the conditions of attachment/suffering and value/nonattachment. He shares why mystique, mentalization, and becoming enamored of the “spiritual” are traps, and why Unconditional Love at level 540 is so rare.

During this lecture, a group of men arrived to play the bagpipes for the audience to give the experience of how valor feels at level 535. Dr. Hawkins talks about the emotions that come forth at this level and explains the true meaning of valor. He calls it a bonding experience for the audience.

Next, Dr. Hawkins discusses the general misunderstanding of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the challenges that have arisen from that. He reveals how we get brainwashed without even knowing it and the role of the media in the process. He talks about the error in putting the source of our survival on something outside ourselves.

He reveals that at a certain level of consciousness, things can be picked up from the collective unconscious and cause excruciating pain. He then shares what to do when this happens. We eventually arrive at a state where we do not care what our colleagues think about us as long as we are in integrity.

Dr. Hawkins reminds us that Enlightenment begins at level 600. He talks about what gives our thoughts power; how things manifest; how to remove anxiety in our lives; why we do not get out of the ego; and the difference between animal energy and spiritual energy, and when it arises. He reminds us about the power of what we hold in mind and how to be happy; about what we have to “give up”; about individual will power; and about what happens the instant we surrender completely to God.

There is discussion about the calibratable level of consciousness at birth; being ready to hear the truth; and learning what one can do in this life. Dr. Hawkins explains why death is not a possibility, and why we should not try to force the rising of the Kundalini energy.

He then answers questions from the audience about prayer, surrender, the individual soul, karmic responsibility and personal accountability, the possibility of the raising of consciousness due to the Unity Day of Prayer, reincarnation, dealing with a dark spirit, how to handle someone’s negative treatment, despair and faith, fear, and more.

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Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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