The Way to God: Highlights of the Last 6 lectures of 2002 (DVD)


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by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

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One DVD – $24.95
Approx. running time: 120 min.
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
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ISBN-13: 9781938033582


This DVD contains approximately 20 minutes each of clips of the last six lectures, July through December, given by Dr. Hawkins in 2002. These early lectures are described as the core of Dr. Hawkins’ teachings and provides the foundation for all the lectures that follow. This special DVD, which was compiled and shown at our event at the Creative Life Center in Sedona in June 2015, is perfect for long-time students who would like a review of some of the essentials truths that he had originally presented. It is also great for new students who would like to receive an introduction to Dr. Hawkins’ work in a shortened, succinct format.

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