The Ultimate Realization

Through inner observation, there is the realization of something that remains constant and the same, no matter what goes on in the external world or with the body, emotions, or mind.  With this awareness comes a state of total freedom.  The inner Self has been discovered.  The silent state of Awareness that underlies all movement, activity, sound, feeling, and thought is discovered to be a timeless dimension of peace.  Once identified with this Awareness, we are no longer at the effect of the world, the body, or the mind, and with this Awareness come an inner calmness, stillness, and a profound sense of inner peace.  We realize that this is what we were always seeking but didn’t know it, because we had gotten lost in the maze.  We had mistakenly equated ourselves with the outer phenomena of our hectic life – the body and its experiences, the obligations, the jobs, the titles, the activities, the problems, and the feelings.  But now we realize that we are the timeless space in which the phenomena are happening. These progressive realizations of our true nature prepare the ground for the Ultimate Realization of the identity of Consciousness with Divinity Itself.

From Letting Go, ch. 17, pg. 254-255