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Weekly Contemplation

Q. What prayers are useful?

The goal of Unconditional Love is reachable by very simple means, but to bring about results, they have to be lived continually on a daily basis.  Unconditional Love is a condition and quality of being with oneself in the world that arises and emerges by virtue of serious commitment to the spiritual principles of willingness to surrender obstacles and all limitations or positionalities and their (often unconscious) pay-offs.  By this level, those that are obvious have already been recognized (to be ‘right’, to gain, to win, to be admired, etc.) In place of these obvious limitations, more subtle ones appear, such as the mind’s presumption of “I know” or “I know all that.”  To know about a thing is not the same as to ‘be’ it. One’s sense of responsibility for others at this level is of a quality different from that shown at the lower levels.  There is a desire to use one’s state of consciousness for the benefit of life itself rather than for particular individuals.  This capacity to love many people simultaneously is accompanied by the discovery that the more one loves, the more one can love.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, chapter 15, pgs. 259-260

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