List of Activities in Sedona around the June 1st Event

                                                      Things to do in Sedona


10:00-11:30am: Attend A Course in Miracles meeting at the Community Center, 2615 Melody Lane


1-5pm: Be “In the Field” at our event at Sedona Creative Life Center


11am-2pm: Meet and eat at the Dr. Hawkins’ Potluck Picnic at Posse Grounds Park 

Any Day

*Go to the Chapel of the Holy Cross (cal. 565), where Dr. Hawkins danced all night!

 *Meditate and walk the Amitabha Buddhist Stupa (cal. 640)


Things to do at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 100 Arroyo Pinon Dr.  (No need to notify the church of your attendance to any of these)


5:00-6:30pm: Visit Dr. Hawkins’ ashes in the Columbarium

6:30-7:45pm: Participate at the Dr. Hawkins’ Study Group in the Hall

May 31st 

5:00-6:00pm: Visit Dr. Hawkins’ ashes in the Columbarium

6:00-7:30pm: Attend a talk given by Swami Chidatmananda in the Sanctuary! He will speak on “Devotional Love,” the topic of his chapter in The Power of Love book dedicated to Dr. Hawkins.  Swami Chidatmananda is a well-known teacher from Hyderabad, India, who attended Dr. Hawkins’ lectures.


7-8pm: Chant at Taize in the Sanctuary