Emotions and Sensations (Apr 2004)



Trailer – Emotions and Sensations (Apr 2004)

Dr. Hawkins opens “Emotions and Sensations” with thoughts about the mind, positionality, and dedication to Truth. A person has to be willing to sacrifice everything and anything for the Truth. He explains how “wantingness” causes misery and that one’s point of view contributes to that state. Stating the truth usually upsets some people.

He discusses the spiritual ego, our perceived faults, what to do about them to become “bullet proof,” and what brings us joy. In contrast, he talks about hatred in the world today and the actions that come out of it.

A major statement is that everything attracts to it what it already is, which debunks a lot of sociological theory. He gives examples of this in daily life and the part karma plays in it.

There is a discussion of the impersonality of feelings and how we have to adjust to them, along with the temptations that besiege us as we increase our levels of consciousness. He talks about the challenges that arise when one is a proponent of Truth.

Dr. Hawkins talks about causality, the paradigms of science and consciousness, the silent mind, the nature of thoughts, the ego, and the indefinable world of subjectivity. He describes the nature of resistance, the disadvantages of “labeling,” how we are subject to what we hold in mind, and how it demonstrates our power. He reveals how forgiveness and surrender are keys to successful spiritual work. He then explains the part intention plays in our lives, the advantages of surrendering something to God and letting go of control, and the problems that arise when we interfere with someone’s karma.

“Emotions and Sensations” concludes with Dr. Hawkins answering questions from the audience.

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Three-Disc Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933297927

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