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Trailer – Conviction (Jul 2005)

Dr. Hawkins begins this “Conviction” July 2005 set by talking about the spiritual ego and how we have to constantly be aware that it wants to take credit for everything. Then he describes some general differences between the people who are below consciousness level 200 and those above 200. He notes that the kundalini energy begins to flow above level 200.

Dr. Hawkins then goes into detail about the value of collective prayer and its effect on mankind, such as in 1987 at the time of the Harmonic Convergence, and in 2003, at the time of the Harmonic Concordance. He discusses the origin of life, the characteristics of the ego, the role of the experiencer, and the job of the core of the ego and lets us know why do not have to feel guilty about having an ego.

At level 200, there is a major recontextualization in which anger and rage are no longer welcome. The next major recontextualization occurs at level 500, and Dr. Hawkins describes what happens at this time. He discusses spiritual intention and its relation to the outcome and how poverty, unemployment, etc., are related to the level of consciousness and not to social conditions directly.

Next, Dr. Hawkins reveals some of the challenges that arise as one starts the spiritual process and how to handle them. He addresses the changes when one moves from the linear paradigm below 500 to the nonlinear paradigm above 500 and the role of intention. The concepts of contemplation and meditation and the differences between them are discussed, along with two kinds of meditative practice and how to incorporate them into daily living. He also explains how contemplation can become a way of life and gives the steps necessary to accomplish that.

Then Dr. Hawkins discusses self-condemnation, wallowing in guilt, and how to get beyond it. He reveals the purpose of a secret and the purpose of this world as the maximum karmic opportunity to maximize our level of consciousness and deal with karma. We learn how to bond with the heart of all humanity and how to bring about peace.

This “Conviction” July 2005 set closes with questions from the audience being answered by Dr. Hawkins.

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Three-Disc Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933391342

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