Transcending Obstacles (Sep 2005)



Trailer – Transcending Obstacles (Sep 2005)

In this “Transcending Obstacles” September 2005 set, Dr. Hawkins explains why it is valuable to live life in a contemplative style, what it means to do so, and the role of thinkingness in that state. He also talks about the characteristics of the skeptic and skepticism, passivity, why there is no such thing as an accident, and the relationship between science and theology and explores the concept of potentiality and how it becomes actuality.

The existence of the “experiencer” comes into play and the concept of surrender, which Dr. Hawkins discusses in detail. He shows us the way to reach a state of serenity, overcome the obstacles that block Enlightenment, and understand the role of the ego throughout the process.

Dr. Hawkins then gives guidance on receiving answers to any questions we may have. He explains in detail what it means to practice spiritual principles and what one must do to reach higher states of consciousness. He also puts the experience of a “good” day and a “bad” day into perspective, showing the benefits of a “bad” day. Dr. Hawkins concludes the presentation by answering questions from the audience.

Original Product Details:
“Transcending Obstacles” September 2005
Three-disc set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
ISBN-13: 9781933391366

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