Spiritual Truth vs Spiritual Fantasy (Jun 2006)



Trailer – Spiritual Truth vs Spiritual Fantasy (Jun 2006)

In this “Spiritual Truth vs. Spiritual Fantasy” June 2006 set, Dr. Hawkins addresses many of the spiritual belief systems and myths that many of us grew up with and shows how the majority of them are false, including the Apocalypse prophecies. Even today, people still come up with ideas, such as spiritual codes (the Bible Code, etc.) that have no basis in truth. Also included in this category are such concept that the universe can disappear (an impossibility). Many popular people, such as celebrities or talk-show guests, come from a basis of truth (false), etc. He also shares why organizations such as AA are so beneficial and successful.

Dr. Hawkins also talks about the states of meditation, contemplation, faith, and trust and reveals that our chance of becoming enlightened is 1,000 times greater than before this information was available. He shares that the potential to become enlightened resides in each individual and that every obstacle to enlightenment is a payoff that has to be released. He also discusses Guilt and the associated level of happiness, attachments; the complexity of the ego; and how the mind keeps us fascinated and entrapped. During the last part of the lecture, he responds to questions from audience members.

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“Spiritual Truth vs. Spiritual Fantasy” June 2006
Four Disc Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933885148

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