Is the Miraculous Real? (Dec 2006)



Trailer – Is the Miraculous Real? (Dec 2006)

We don’t believe that miracles happen in everyday life and are quite rare, but on this “Is the Miraculous Real?” Dec 2006 cd set, Dr. Hawkins reminds us that they are actually relatively commonplace. It’s just that they are unobserved and not recognized by the average person. To even ask for a miracle is a miracle in itself! There are various factors that may allow for a miracle to occur in one’s life, some of which are karmic propensity, prayer, and supplication to God. Dr. Hawkins explains that they occur outside of time, transcending the intellect with no “this” causing a “that.” No “person” actually does miracles, but rather they emerge when local conditions are appropriate. He also talks about the great miracles of the past that have changed the history of the world, Jesus’ 33 miracles, the stigmata, and specific prayer, when done sincerely, can have a great impact on one’s life. This just touches the tip of the iceberg with all the amazing truths revealed in this must-have lecture!

Original Product Details:
“Is the Miraculous Real?” Dec 2006
Four Disc Set
Approx. running time: 5 Hours and 5 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781933885179

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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