Dialogue, Questions, and Answers (Dec 2003)



Trailer – Dialogue, Questions, and Answers (Dec 2003)

In this amazing lecture, “Dialogue, Questions, and Answers” Dec 2003, Dr. Hawkins reveals the essence of the pathway of Devotional Nonduality: one trusts that there is one quality of God that you can discern and accurately confirm, like one ray of sunshine, one ray of light, and you just follow this one ray of light. Its source is what you are seeking; you only need that one ray of light to follow. You don’t need 12 different pathways at one time. Devotion and absolute dedication to the Truth and the willingness to sacrifice anything that is not true takes enormous courage because you will transcend 99.9% of society’s belief systems all of the time. He explains that the courage to accept that Truth itself is an essential quality of Divinity and then you add to that “Love.” If you have devotion to Truth and Love of Truth, you have both heart and mind, and out of that awareness, one is willing to be of service to Life out of one’s appreciation and love of life. You then have the three great pathways to God: heart, mind, and selfless service. This talk also includes an in-depth question and answer session with the audience, which adds to the richness of this inspiring presentation.

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Dialogue, Questions, and Answers Dec 2003
4 disc set
Approx. running time: 336 Minutes
ISBN-13: 9781933297590

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