Improving Your Relationships (2012)


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Improving Your Relationships (2013) Trailer

Join Dr. Hawkins and his wife Susan as they explore the topic of “Improving Your Relationships.” All kinds of relationships are discussed: those with partners, children, animals, and most importantly, our relationship with God. To be aware that you are constantly in the Presence of God alters your way of being in the world and cancels negativities. Dr. Hawkins also discusses how it’s O.K. to have negative feelings and to not let them dominate your life but accept them as passing phenomena. He also talks about how Love can be a spiritual condition that prevails all the time in all situations. Also mentioned in “Improving Your Relationships” is the value of taking a daily moral inventory of yourself and asking God to show you where you could improve. Finally, Dr. Hawkins closes with the message to be as loving as possible in all conditions to all of life with the realization that we are accountable to Divinity for all that we do.

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One Disc
Approx. running time: 58 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
ISBN: 9781938033117

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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