Love is a Way of Being


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Trailer – Love is a Way of Being

In this special seminar, “Love is a Way of Being,” Dr. Hawkins begins by stating that one of the pathways to God is by noticing that which expresses itself as incredible aesthetic beauty. This is often the first sensitivity that people on the spiritual path experience. Pretty soon, you begin to see the beauty and divinity of all phenomena as it shines forth; lovingness becomes the way you relate to everything in the world. He covers in-depth in this presentation how we can all reach this state of awareness. One of the first things he mentions is to own your ego as a “fuzzy little animal” instead of hating it and realizing that it was inherited from the animal kingdom for survival.
Another point he emphasizes is to realize that thoughts come out of nothing; everything is happening on its own, which can help eliminate the belief in a separate “I.” Life then moves from perfection to perfection, where you’ll never suffer from lack. Joy then comes out of the awareness of the source of your existence.

In “Love is a Way of Being” Dr. Hawkins also explains that what we hold in consciousness influences the total field. Therefore when our intention is to be the most forgiving, loving, understanding, kind, and compassionate person that we can be towards all of life, we “raise the level of the sea,” and the impact is even measurable on the planet itself. This level of the heart, he assures us, can be reached by faith, good works, devotion, focusing on the context instead of the content of things, and by contemplation. These are just a few of the many concepts covered in this comprehensive talk. You will want to watch this lecture again and again, as deeper understandings are revealed each time.

Finally, Dr. Hawkins gives us these words of encouragement to remember:
“You are complete and total and have all you need this instant!”

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Three DVD Set
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ISBN-13 9781938033940

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