Spiritual Will Inspiring Q & A


“The way to be as a spiritual person is to be respectful of all of life.”

Part I and Part II 144 minutes


Spiritual Will – A Inspiring Q & A Session with Dr. Hawkins

This enlightening Q&A session took place at one of the “On the Road” lectures that Dr. Hawkins gave in 2004.Ā  Listen to this session, and you’ll be inspired by both the subject matter asked by the participants and Dr. Hawkins’ answers!

Some of the topics discussed are:

1.”You are only subject to what you hold in mind.”
2. Addiction is a hard path but is a positive path because it can lead to God.
3. Your time of death is set at the time of your birth, but you still have some choice in the how.
4, Spiritual Will and intention are important.
5. Consciousness levels are different than not better than.
6. Love at one level, is viewed and experienced differently from another level. Ā and much more!

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