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Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness

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In “Virtues: The Spiritual Foundation,” Dr. Hawkins explains that we actually live in a sense of our own subjectivity, which is coming from consciousness/awareness. He then guides us on how to become more aware of this Truth and the levels of Love, and how to be able to shift your awareness to a new paradigm from where you are to where your heart would like to be. There is a way of being in this world that is no longer dualistic. He states: “Become that, become it, why seek it? Let go of anything that keeps you from being that.” There is also a discussion on the important topics of intention, choice, prayer, surrender, and perfecting the virtues as a spiritual foundation.

Dr. Hawkins then engages in  “Virtues: The Spiritual Foundation” an enlightening, fun segment by showing us how your ego can be your friend, as vilifying the ego is one reason why enlightenment has been so extraordinarily rare in the past. In addition, the segment on the crucial connection between resisting life and the actual experiencing phenomena is not to be missed. This seminar covers a wealth of spiritual material to help us navigate this world and to re-contextualize our life and the events that transpire!


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Three Compact Disc Set
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