How to Progress Spiritually

Spiritual progress is energized by intention that reinforces dedication and commitment as well as alignment with spiritual principles and practices. This results in dedication and willingness to focus effort, determination, and patience that require overall good-will towards oneself and the process of spiritual endeavor. The above could be subsumed as a devotional attitude towards oneself that transcends any specific linear definition. Goals automatically prioritize value and meaning, which thereby tend to provide the necessary energy for spiritual effort.

from Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, ch. 20, pg. 337

2 thoughts on “How to Progress Spiritually”

  1. Thank you!

    It seems like Dr. Hawkins’ wisdom comes to me at exactly the right moments in this life’s journey.
    Just to remind what’s important, and where energies need to go.

    I am forever grateful to have stumbled into awareness of this amazing Spirit, Doc Hawk, and the empowerment his teachings have given me. The Letting Go technique is the most powerful and liberating tool I’ve personally encountered.

    Using Doc’s teachings, I’ve learned to go inside and see my own motivations for various reactions, and in so doing, I’ve learned to see other people’s motivations. Forgiving others and seeing us all as equally flawed creatures, trying our best to make it through the day, has allowed me to forgive my failings, stop judging myself by, of all things, stopping to judge others. By stopping to judge others, I have inadvertently stopped worrying about how others judge me, and that element of social stress doesn’t even exist in my consciousness any more. I’ve let go of guilt, and wow, for a woman, that’s a massive weight off my back, lol. Baby steps, one by one they’ll all be gone.

    His teachings are easy steps, one at a time, but slightly counter-intuitive to popular belief systems, so you’re only hooked once you get that first taste of how it works. Kind of like hitting the perfect golf shot, or making the perfect ski turn… once you feel it, you’re hooked and constantly trying to get there again.

    I have a few (insert a few zeros) lives to go, but because of Dr. Hawkins, I’m a couple steps further than had I not found him. I look forward to thanking him and giving him a big hug when it’s my turn to cross.

    Forever grateful.

  2. We have a Dr Hawkins group that has been meeting weekly at the Phoenix book store in Columbus OH for almost 15 years. Planning on a public talk, in the near future, at the book store to express the benefits of “Letting Go” and suggesting the sale of Dr Hawkins books. Look forward to seeing everyone on May 30.

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