How Can You Let Go of the Propensities of the Ego?

…Why does the ego hangout with shame and guilt, fear, all that stuff – with greed, with desire, with lust, with hatred? Why? Because it gets a payoff. The ego mulches negativity, and it gets juice out of it. The ego survives by virtue of the juice it gets.

…The willingness to surrender to let go of the payoff of the ego allows you to let go experientially as it arises.  The willingness to let go of the payoff of grief, anger, resentment, hatred. So, what do you surrender to God in the way of surrender?  What does devotion mean? “I love thee, oh Lord, greater  than I love the glee I get out of my hatreds, my wickedness, my shame, my guilt, my revenge.” Either you love God or you love your revenge.You can’t have them both….so it’s always really a choice.

Am I willing to surrender this for the love of God or not?

New! The Highest Level of Enlightenment, Ch. 10, pg. 92-93

Human Consciousness is Intrinsically Innocense

The willingness to surrender life to God, of course, is one of the most profound spiritual tools. So people ask which spiritual tools are the most powerful. I always say humility, the willingness to surrender life, to let go wanting to control it, to let go wanting to change it, the willingness to surrender how you see things to God, then, or to some higher spiritual principle, because God is not a reality. It’s just a word to most people, a hoped-for reality but not an experiential reality to most people, until they become more spiritually advanced and begin to experience the presence of the field itself and intuit its enormous power.

And then they reverence God because they respect the infinite power that they begin to intuit. So what we can do on a practical level, then, is become the best person we can become. I’d say to become kind toward all of life in all of its expressions, no matter what. And that includes one’s self, to be willing to forgive one’s self, to see the limitation of human consciousness. I always feel that the more educated you are about the quality of consciousness, the nature of consciousness, the easier it is to follow spiritual principles. If you understand that human consciousness is intrinsically innocent and cannot control that which it’s programmed by because it can’t tell truth from falsehood, you begin to feel compassion automatically. …Once you understand the intrinsic innocence of human consciousness, you instantly are able to forgive people.

New! The Highest Level of Enlightenment, Ch. 9, pg. 88-89


How Can I Make My Mind Stop Thinking?

” I go to bed at night and my mind just keeps on thinking.”

One can transcend the identification with the content of mind and it doesn’t take much effort. In fact, it’s quite easy, to really allow yourself to surrender and realize that one is the witness of the thinking, one is the field of awareness of the thinking, and identify with consciousness itself, with the realization that the higher truth is that one is consciousness itself and not the content of consciousness. Next comes the realization of what is the source of consciousness, and with the realization of the source of consciousness, one then enters into a field of knowingness, in which the knower and the known are one and the same thing. And at that point one has transcended duality and one sees there is no difference between the knower and the known, that they are one and the same.  And one realizes and becomes identified with the source of existence itself, the source of consciousness itself, and with that there arises a feeling of being at home.

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The Highest Level of Enlightenment: Transcend the Levels of Consciousness for Total Self-Realization, ch 11, pg. 106-107

A Positive Thought

A mind that is concentrated on a positive thought has the power to increase the likelihood that the positive thought will materialize in the world of events.

The most successful people in the world are those who hold in mind the highest good of all concerned, including themselves. They know that there is a win-win solution to every problem. …A feeling of personal fulfillment comes naturally from their positive contribution to the lives of others.

Letting Go Card Deck

For more information about this passage, go to the Letting Go book: Ch. 19, pg. 293

For Negativity to Apply to Our Life…

We are only subject to a negative thought or belief if we consciously say that it applies to us.

For negativity to apply to our life, we must first subscribe to it and, secondly, give it the energy of belief.   If we have the power to make negativity manifest in our life, obviously our mind also has the power to make its converse come true.

New! Letting Go Card Deck

For more details on this passage: Letting Go: the Pathway of Surrender book, pg. 62-63

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