Just Watch

A useful decision or choice is to decide to stop mentally talking about everything and refrain from interjecting comments, opinions, preferences, and value statements. It is therefore a discipline to just watch without evaluating, investing worth in, or editorializing, commenting, and having preferences about what is witnessed. … All thinking, from a spiritual viewpoint, is merely vanity, illusion… The less one thinks, the more delightful life becomes. Thinkingness eventually becomes replaced by knowingness.

From  Discovery of the Presence of God: Devotional Nonduality, p. 88-89.

How to Be in a State of Bliss

Surrender your addiction to experience. Surrender your desire and craving to experience experience. That’s the fastest way to enlightenment.

You feel the energy of experiencing coming up, and you nip it in the bud. You reach a point where you’re no longer experiencing experience. That is the state of bliss.

Let go of your identification and your attachments to the linear domain. You will then come into the presence of the Buddha nature.

You are not at the effect of anything ‘out there’. You’re doing a solo dance within yourself—for what you can juice out of it.

If you do nothing but lay back, then the grace of God reveals all to you—effortlessly. There is nothing to seek, nothing to gain, nothing to get, and nothing to experience.

Paraphrased from God vs. Science: Limits of the Mind DVD

The Way is Really Quite Simple

Q: What sacrifice is required?

A: The major step is the realization that there is a source of joy and happiness that is outside and beyond the ego.  Then arise curiosity and an interest in how to reach spiritual goals.  Belief arises that is then bolstered by faith and eventually by experience.  Next follows acquisition of instruction, information, and the practice of what has been learned.  By invitation, the spiritual energy increases, followed by dedication and the willingness to surrender all obstacles.  Even the decision to turn one’s life over to God brings joy and gives life a whole new meaning.  It becomes uplifting, and the greater context gives life more significance and reward.  One eventually becomes unwilling to support negativity, within or without.  This is not because it is wrong but merely futile.  Although the journey to God begins with failure and doubt, it progresses into certainty.  The way is really quite simple.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, Ch. 18, pg.421-422

Love as a Way of Being

By consciousness level 500, Love is dominant as a persistent positive emotion and an influence in society, as well as a contributor to the elevation of the overall collective consciousness of mankind.  To continue to advance requires surrendering the limitations of conditional love to unconditionality.  This necessitates surrendering love as a positive attachment so that it can become an overall contextualization and potentiality to align life as a way of being in the world rather than as an exclusive emotion between separates.  As a result, love becomes not a quantitative emotion but an expression of essence whereby loving becomes lovingness and, by identification, eventually becomes what one ‘is’.  Love as a mode of existence requires no ‘others’ as objects for fulfillment or expression.  It is an independent quality with no subject, object, verb, or adjective and thus is nonlinear and unlimited.

From Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Ch. 14, pg. 253

Am I Going in the Right Direction?

Q: How do I know if I’m going in the right direction?

A: Direction is a linear concept.  What you probably mean is whether the pathway you are following is suitable and valid.  This is an important question to ask and reflects a humility in the acknowledgement of the ego/mind’s incapacity to tell truth from falsehood.  One can verify the level of consciousness of any teaching or teacher, past or present.  One can also cross- check with the muscle test to determine if this is a suitable pathway at this time for oneself.

From I: Reality and Subjectivity, Ch. 1, pg. 45