The Obstacles to Love

The consciousness levels of Love formally calibrate from 500 and above, and by level 570, they are often considered to be saintly by virtue of unconditionality. The energy field recontextualizes all experience and relatedness to self, others, and to all life.

The obstacles to Unconditional Love (cal. 540) are attachment, resentment, specialness, and judgmentalism. The power of the high energy of Unconditional Love is transformative to self and others and precipitates the appearance of the miraculous by which the seemingly impossible is transformed into the actual. The energy of Love is complete within itself and is thus free of need, considerations, limitations, or seeking of gain. To be free of wantingness is liberating, and in some spiritual traditions, Enlightenment is termed ‘Liberation’(Moksha). In Christianity, the dissolving of the personal self into the Self of Divine Love is referred to as Unio Mystica.

from Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man, Ch. 14, pg. 287-288