Simple Tools of Great Value

1. Be kind to everything and everyone, including oneself, all the time, with no exception.
2. Revere all of life in all its expressions, no matter what, even if one does not understand it.
3. Presume no actual reliable knowledge of anything at all. Ask God to reveal its meaning.
4. Intend to see the hidden beauty of all that exists – it then reveals itself.
5. Forgive everything that is witnessed and experienced, no matter what. Remember Christ, Buddha, and Krishna all said that all error is due to ignorance. Socrates said all men can choose only what they believe to be the good.
6. Approach all of life with humility and be willing to surrender all positionalities and mental/emotional arguments or gain.
7. Be willing to forgo all perceptions of gain, desire, or profit and thereby be willing to be of selfless service to life in all of its expressions.
8. Make one’s life a living prayer by intention, alignment, humility, and surrender. True spiritual reality is actually a way of being in the world.
9. By verification, confirm the levels of consciousness and spiritual truth of all teachers, teachings, spiritual groups, and literature with which one intends to be aligned or a student.
10. Accept that by spiritual declaration, commitment, and surrender, Knowingness arises that provides support, information, and all that is needed for the entire journey.

The most powerful tool that is in the province of the will is devotion. Thus, it is not just spiritual truth but the degree of one’s devotion to it that empowers it to become transformative. A great classic that demonstrates the efficacy of simplicity and devotion is that of Brother Lawrence’s The Practice of the Presence of God (1692), which emphasizes the importance of constancy.


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  1. I have never been able to find it again! But I assumed via “Power vs Force” I was meant to do A Course In Miracles. My spiritual Self must have kept me picking up Dr. Hawkins material even though I was more ill than I knew and thought he was full of rubbish, though by the time I got the Course text, workbook and manual for teachers, I was loosening up, I heard him pretty much say don’t bother with the text. In that it wouldn’t do me personally any good, so I made sure I read it! Partway through, the literature triggered a descent in seconds of rapid free fall toward Hell! Nothing was breaking that fall! The things we take for granted like the possibility of asking for help were as if never existed. Like a soft breeze came a silent cloud seeming to have a name which I attempted to say, when I tried out came “help” as the actual ‘name’ I tried to say it better the next time, then again, then I got a subtle sense that there was something I needed desperately as I said the name until I finally cried out “Help!”. Then there was barely the energy to move my arm to press a ‘random’ selection from the Highest Level of Enlightenment audio on my computer. “Don’t get stuck in [any]a thing” came through the speakers and instantly I rebounded up and out! Turned the page and carried on, but I agree with him on that now and I don’t put up much of a fight about any other saving grace that I hear or read from his teachings and I certainly don’t consciously decide to do what I hear him strongly suggest that I do not do, in spiritual work! (Perfect place for the cheeky “so, I must have been right to read it then!” but that help cloud had nothing to do with anything I knew let alone activate any notion of what it could lead to! I was no doubt, rescued by Grace in-spite of myself.)

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