Unload the Mind

Spiritual evolution is supported by education and information up to the point where the intellect is no longer a primary tool as it is in ordinary learning. The spiritual ‘work’ then transitions from the mental/intellectual/conceptual linear to the nonlinear region of human consciousness that relates more to context than to content and form or data. This major shift entails reliance on different qualities, such as faith, intention, devotion, volition, and will. Character traits are called into action, and attitudes are of greater practical use than specific ideas.
Whereas ordinary information is ‘acquired’ by effort, in spiritual endeavor the emphasis is on relinquishing, letting go, and surrendering.
… the core of spiritual work is aligned with undoing of and the unloading of the mind rather than its enrichment. To seek Enlightenment is major decision. The decision itself is akin to a ‘Yin” posture.  While the ordinary ego is programmed to ‘getting’, spiritual intention now shifts to ‘allowing’… The actual process is innately simple yet challenging of accomplishment by virtue of the innate structure of the ego/mind…
… Its actual practice is not so much a matter of ‘doing’ but a way of ‘being’ or aligning with the subjective awareness of life.
… Whereas the consciousness level of the witness/observer increases awareness, the ego watches with the expectation of ‘doing’ or ‘getting’ something.
… The field is independent of content.”
– Dr. David R. Hawkins, Discovery of the Presence of God p. 61-67