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Dr. Hawkins elaborates on his personal growth, physical challenges, and the different aspects of self-healing available through the power of Giving Up Illness through A Course in Miracles©. He shares his personal experience with alcohol and his journey “out of hell.” Elaborating on how we are subject to only what we hold in mind, he takes us through his fascinating journey of self-healing. “Ultimately,” he says, “the Course leads us to a deep joy and peace in understanding that we are not separate. We are truly one and have always been so. From top to bottom, there is nothing that we can’t change by paying attention to the concepts of the Course.”

This audio presentation shares questions, answers, and personal Hawkins stories we have yet to hear. He also shares a group demonstration of kinesiology.

Dr. Hawkins ends his talk by recapitulating the Course in saying, “We are part of a whole system. Just our willingness to be here today creates profound chances for miracles to happen. Miracles happen through us. We need do nothing but be willing.”

Dan McGrew offers introductions to his teacher Dr. Hawkins and then later to Saul Steinberg. Towards the end of the lecture, Dan briefly tells us about his commitment to A Course in Miracles and then Saul Steinberg talks about his relationship with Dr. Hawkins, and how the “Dave” he knew before and the Dr. Hawkins he knows now has had an amazing transformation, yet, this change was present in him all along. Saul shares an “idea” he is putting together, based on the principals of AA. “You know you’re getting high when….” as he comically fills in the blank(s)…

Dan McGrew

At the time of this lecture, Dan McGrew had been a teacher of A Course in Miracles since it was published in 1976. Dan was responsible for the creation of the more than ten ACIM groups in the state of Michigan, and his delightful humor comes across in this audio presentation.

Saul Steinberg

In 1975, Saul was chosen to be the official printer of A Course in Miracles. He was the Director of Mind and Miracles, Mind Management, Mind Management Seminars, and the Florida Center for Health Alternatives.

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Giving Up Illness through A Course in Miracles©
Three Compact Disc Set
Running time: 3 Hours and 45 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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