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What is Spiritual Truth? What is the nature of Enlightenment and what is the nature of God and the universe? Dr. Hawkins opens “Don’t Set Sail Without A Compass” by asking these questions and with an unparalleled awareness, supplies us with the answers. As the role of teacher, his way has been extensively the pathway to Enlightenment. And he explains that the most important thing when one starts a spiritual journey is that “you don’t set sail without a compass.” He further elucidates that the human mind does not have the capability to discern Truth from falsehood, which is one reason Enlightenment has been an infrequent occurrence. His aim is to give spiritual students tools to assist with this so Enlightenment is more readily attainable.
“Don’t Set Sail Without A Compass” also explains the Newtonian paradigm, the levels of consciousness, the positive aspects of having positionalities and the importance of letting go and surrender. Spiritual progress is made through the willingness to surrender all belief systems and positionalities to God; to surrender the belief that the ego knows anything. How does one have the power and strength to let go of a belief? It comes only through humility and a devotion to God. Dr. Hawkins also inspires us with this powerful quote: “Great Power is only given through great purification”.

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Publisher: Veritas Publishing

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