The Prevailing Silence (3 cd set)



The Prevailing Silence: In a light and humorous style, Dr. Hawkins once again delivers a lecture worthy of your collection. By making us laugh at our egos and our own humanness, we are better able to accept and understand why we are the way we are and the solutions that he gives to transcending our current state of consciousness. One of the many solutions he gives us is to just give up opinions. Another is to habitually forgive, and one other is to appreciate the intelligence and beauty of all that exists. Dr. Hawkins then explains how to better incorporate these attitudes into your life, so we may “rise to the top.” As he states: “An opinion is just a dumb idea your ego has taken a stance on.”

Throughout The Prevailing Silence, Dr. Hawkins also explains in much detail the necessary steps to realizing  the Self. And as you let go of the various levels of consciousness by surrendering the ego and the attachment to linearity, you eventually come to a place of absolute stillness and a prevailing silence is what remains; a peaceful and serene field to experience. He assures us that, “All of us are equally blessed by the Presence of Divinity as the conscious awareness of our own existence”.

In closing, Dr. Hawkins also gives us these beautiful words to live by: “Be that which Divinity would embrace, which is Love itself. How could God refuse that which it is?”

Enjoy this deep exploration into the very nature of consciousness itself, which is what you truly are.

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

Three Compact Disc Set

Approx. running time: 212 min.

Publisher: Veritas Publishing

ISBN: 9781938033575



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