2007 #1 Satsang Series January 10, 2007 (CD)


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Approx. running time: 1 Hour and 50 Minutes
Publisher: Veritas Publishing
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“Gloria in Excelsis Deo—If that makes you nervous, you’re in the wrong place!”—Dr. Hawkins

The Essence of the Questions…

  • How can I view the world without a feeling of separation?
  • What does it mean that Jesus died for our sins?
  • Do you recommend Vipassana meditation or Zen meditation?
  • Isn’t everyone destined for enlightenment? And is everyone in this room destined in this lifetime?
  • How can one open up to the field of radical humility?
  • What is the difference between letting something run and surrendering the “juice” momentarily?
  • Dr. Hawkins, who was your teacher?
  • How do you reconcile the innocence of man with karmic debt?
  • What is the purpose of a near-death experience?
  • How does one overcome scrupulosity?

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