Satsang Series (Jul 2006)



As spiritual students, we all have questions that arise while on our path. Join Dr. Hawkins on this Satsang Series Jul 2006 cd as he delves into those questions asked by sincere attendees from around the world but pertinent to us all. With humor, compassion, and honesty, he gives us words of wisdom and grace that sets our hearts at ease.

“I look forward to these Wednesday nights; they are very dear to me. I can be with all the people I love and just chatter away and be what I am. It’s joyful. And that’s why I say, ’Gloria in Excelsis Deo!’ Thank you, O God, for these wonderful, wonderful, people. Amen. God bless you all.” –Dr. Hawkins

The Essence of the Questions…

  • What is it about the ego that wants to cling to misery, rather than being here in the joy of this moment?
  • Is there an individuated consciousness or soul that remains after the death of the ego, or is that just a dualistic concept?
  • When you mention that Archangels calibrate at 50,000, are you still speaking of an individuated being?
  • When you teach, “be the field,” is it the infinite field, or is it the field we are aspiring to become?
  • What is our responsibility toward the future generations in this lifetime?  Do we have one?
  • In Transcending the Levels of Consciousness you quoted, “You can only go as high as you can go low.”  Could you explain that?
  • Is there integrity in the grief we experience when someone dies?
  • Would do you an “Om” for us?
  • Is the “dark night of the soul” a belief system of Christianity, and to then go there?
  • How can I learn to live within context?
  • Two people are in an intimate relationship and one is clean, the other is ingesting drugs and alcohol.  What is the effect on the person not taking the drugs in being with the one who is?
  • To you and Susan.  What kind of care is required when a person moves into the space of Enlightenment?
  • Can a person surrender unconscious negativities without having them come up in the present?
  • Could a very deep act of surrender wipe out the unconscious?
  • Is it a good idea to create a self to replace the self that is dissolving as we are working on ourselves?
  • A friend has a dual personality disorder that occasionally drops in.  Can he purge this entity without outside help?  Would you help him?
  • How do you transcend Karma altogether?  The good and bad?
  • If I want to help somebody, or have the urge to help, when do I know if it’s my ego wanting to get a kick out of it, or if it has a true purpose.
  • How much does education play into self-awareness?
  • I’ve been working on Kinesiology and all is going great, but recently I started working on self-testing and the results are poor.  Can you help?
  • Jesus says, “As you believe, so shall it be done.” How does that work?
  • Can you help me with my fear?
  • Is the personal will just a part of the ego? Does it disappear when the ego disappears?
  • I’d like to ask you about how I used to ask God for guidance on things. Now I just say, “Take care of this.”
  • There is no difference between big and little questions, is there?
  • Some Teachers say they take on their students’ Karma.  Is that true?
  • What was Muktananda doing when he threw those hats out?
  • Could you speak on relative truth vs. relative values?  The absolute vs. the relative?
  • Are love, truth, and kindness absolute?
  • When we die, we cycle back to a group, as I read, a certain pod, of people?  Is this true?
  • I’m more afraid of the physical pain of dying, not the act of leaving the body.  Can you speak about that?
  • I asked to be aligned with my higher purpose, and my life changed radically.  How much determination and faith do I put into this?
  • I’ve been listening to “Giving up Illness” and working on “What you hold in mind tends to manifest,” but I need help.
  • What’s the truth about angelic interaction with human life?  Are the angels the deliverers of Divine intervention?  When we pray, is it possible to summon up their help or should we just leave it up to God?
  • I recently made some positive changes in my life, and it’s brought up some major negativity.  Could you help me understand this?
  • Does spiritual commitment tend to bring on an entire spiritual program?
  • I have a great fear of dying.  Can you help me with this?
  • Can you help me understand why I get goose bumps and a burning effect when I speak of certain things?
  • Would you test Ken Wilbur, and when you are testing, is it the ego, or are you testing the Higher Self?
  • Can you speak on forgiving one’s self?  I’m having a hard time with that one.
  • All this talk of surrender and I have certain passions I want to fulfill…
  • Is achieving inner silence essential for Enlightenment, or are there other ways?
  • I was a Buddhist; then I got into a 12-step program.  When I leave this body, whose gonna meet me?
  • It’s taken me so long to find my Teacher in this lifetime, it seems a shame to just go on and die right now.


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