Satsang Series (Nov 2006)



As spiritual students, we all have questions that arise while on our path. Join Dr. Hawkins on this Satsang Series Jan 2006 cd as he delves into those questions asked by sincere attendees from around the world but pertinent to us all. With humor, compassion, and honesty, he gives us words of wisdom and grace that sets our hearts at ease.

The Essence of the Questions…

  • Your spiritual research has determined that the time of death is set. I’m wondering how suicide fits into that?
  • What could I say or do that is compassionate to help a person pass through the process of physical death?
  • Karma Yoga is the love that is being expressed through the Divine energy field? That’s what’s being passed one to another?
  • How do I make an intention come about?
  • I was wondering if you could help me with depression.
  • I’m doing an internship in psychotherapy; how can I understand what I’m doing in a non-linear context?
  • Can you talk about how a spiritual student might make the most of seeing a psychiatrist?
  • Step five in AA is “confess your shortcomings.”  Is it OK to just lay it all out?
  • Can you elaborate on the “final run” and staying on the “razor’s edge”?
  • When I used to witness my thoughts they seemed to slow down after awhile, and now it seems like they have sped up.
  • You talked about surgery without painkillers and through surrendering, you made it through.  Will that technique work for headaches?
  • How do we become more aware of our obstacles?
  • What would be there if we never came into existence?
  • How are members of a family chosen to be together?
  • If you want to use your life to develop enlightenment, is it better not to have children?
  • At what level in the human domain does the love for God become unending?
  • Can you help me with my attachment to sexual pleasure?
  • Is there any benefit to choosing a particular devotional act or service on the path of devotion?
  • I’m a professional musician, and people tell me that my music makes them feel great. Is there some deeper insight into that phenomenon or is there a clinical approach to it?
  • How do you know when it’s time to let go of a relationship?
  • The lovingness I feel from you is so overpowering.  When you walk in, I can’t tell whether the love is inside myself or outside of myself.
  • I’ve been trying to take your advice about pain, so I’m not labeling my headaches, and actually they are not headaches anymore.  Am I on the right track?
  • When Ramana Maharshi’s devotees were worried about his dying, he said, “Well, where would I go?”  Is his presence still there?
  • What will our relationship be to you, Dr. Hawkins, when you are no longer in the body?
  • If anyone in this room thought they had some sort of illness, how would they rectify it?
  • In terms of preventive medicine, is there some daily thought process that could be used?
  • I have no interest in being a psychotherapist anymore.  My desire is to peruse the spiritual more.  Is that the future energy pulling me forward or do I have a karmic responsibility to continue as a psychotherapist?
  • What about people who are bi-polar who get on and off their medication?  Is it possible for some of these people to just “overcome” and change without their medication?
  • What is the juice of boredom?
  • When the average person passes on, do they get what this life was about?
  • Are people below 200 aware of death?
  • All my life I have had a feeling of being undeserving of love and goodness.  Did I do something terribly wrong?
  • As a child I would go into nature to get away from angry people.  I’ve continued this practice even though there aren’t that many angry people around.  Is this a possible pathology about fear of people?
  • I have been doing the watcher/witness thing, and now I see the ego’s addiction.  It really juices anxiety. Do I need to find out where this is coming from?
  • I’ve run into a block, which is if I give up control of the future, I won’t be taken care of.  I keep surrendering it, and it doesn’t go away.
  • I caught stickiness around causality.  Do you have spiritual “goo gone” to melt that stickiness away?
  • I don’t have a strong drive of what I want to do. Can you help me with this?
  • I have a strong polarity between getting involved, taking action, correcting, and speaking out as opposed to being still, contemplative, taking the higher path, surrendering to God.  Can you speak to this intenseness of polarities?
  • Is there any dichotomy between the different yogas?

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