The Ever-Present Joy (3 cd set)


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In this awe-inspiring lecture, The Ever-Present Joy, Dr. Hawkins reveals that peace cannot really be accomplished in the world, that it is an inner state. Peace and freedom are what you are and when you let go of trying to control things and give God advice, it puts you in a space where it’s irrelevant. He states: “We are all free as birds!”

Dr. Hawkins explains that the intellect is really our problem, as it is very fast and takes credit for what happens and presumes to be the causal effect. If we can get beyond thinking in terms of a “this” causing a “that”, then you don’t need to make up a false explanation of why things happen, as no explanation is now needed. This belief also makes God temporary, that He had a beginning and an ending and in the meantime He’s elsewhere. We are then given in detail the necessary realizations to bypass this difficulty. There is an infinite non-linear space of infinite power that we all can access and Dr. Hawkins shows us where to look for this. “The mind cannot find a space between thoughts because the mind is that. The mind is the silent sea out of which the thinkingness arises.”

He also tells in The Ever-Present Joy an amazing true story of the power of love and a dog’s wagging tail. We create our own experiential world by the aura we radiate out. You create the field. He points out why meditation to some degree is working against itself and that contemplation can be more effective. “Just be the field and stop being the person in the field.”

Dr. Hawkins closes this beautiful talk with these comforting words: “We are all together throughout all of time…We swoop in and out together…The joy of our own existence shines forth as the Presence for which I give thanks, O Lord!”

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Three Compact Disc Set

Approx. running time: 222 min.

Publisher: Veritas Publishing

ISBN-13 9781938033568

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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