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In Verification of Spiritual Realities, Dr. Hawkins explains how the ego lacks humility and doesn’t really know why anything is happening. Pseudo-knowledge is the specialty of the intellect. We believe that something out there is causing everything to happen and therefore spend our lifetime looking for the culprit! He offers a way to transcend the mind and dissolve the ego through the pathway of devotional non-duality. He goes on to clarify that once you take a position about something, you’ve separated the world out into opposites. This is just a concept, a mental positionality, and not a subjective reality and the first illusion to see through. He then reveals that spiritual reality begins at the level of Love. It’s not an emotion but what you’ve become, what you are, not what you do or feel. You become the Love of lovingness!

He also points out that it is necessary to become enlightened because the ultimate realization is that God is the Infinite Allness of Existence, out of which all arises and has its existence.

In Verification of Spiritual Realities Dr. Hawkins also discloses that merely knowing certain knowledge rapidly advances consciousness by hearing it. Just to know that you are not the victim of the mind and that we are actually in a post-hypnotic state of suggestion in which you think you are your thoughts is how to transcend the mind. He gives us deliverance from being dominated by the ego by taking apart the underpinnings of our belief systems, explaining how thought really arises, and revealing the part that morphogenetic fields play in consciousness. To go from silence into form requires intention. Here you can catch that all thinkingness is coming out of your personal intention to think because we are hypnotized and fascinated with thinkingness itself! The spiritual decision, choice, and intention are how we evolve spiritually, and this realm offers the optimal opportunity for spiritual growth. We are given this remarkable occurrence to ponder: “We are the first generation that’s had a shot at Truth!”

Dr. Hawkins states with the absolute knowingness of an enlightened teacher: “That which I am existed before all universes and will exist after all universes have disappeared. Death is not a possibility.”

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