Peace is the Natural State (3 cd set)


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Dr. Hawkins opens Peace is the Natural State by describing his intense drive to know the core of Truth and what it took to reach Enlightenment. He speaks to us from subjective awareness that the reality of the Presence within is absolute silence. If you can get beyond the illusion of causality, you can jump into the 500’s, where you see that everything is happening as a consequence of the totality, of the Infinite Power of the Field, and that nothing is causing anything. As the spirit evolves over the eons, it sets it karmic inheritance by its spiritual intention and decisions. Dr. Hawkins emphasizes the importance of the energy of devotion when pursuing Truth; because it takes a fierce drive to transcend duality and into the field of non-duality. Devotion means one’s love takes the form of the love for the discernment of Truth above all else.

Also in Peace is the Natural State, There is an explanation on how to get out of the polarity of the opposites, where you like “this” and hate “that” and the ensuing spiritual guilt from those judgments. Our belief that there is a personal “I” that is the cause of everything and separate from the Infinite Oneness of Totality is the major block to realizing the Self. In addition, he covers the unique qualities of power and force and how the greater the demand you put on power, the more it swells and meets the need. Dr. Hawkins also reveals why there really is no such thing as “now”. As we begin to transcend the ego, he says our definition of self begins to change: it’s as though it dissolves into the sea. Our future is creating the present; we are being pulled by destiny!

Also suggested:  Map of Consciousness or a selection from one of Dr. Hawkins’ books for further explanation of the levels of consciousness.

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