The Inner Voyage

Thoughts & quotes from Sir David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Hawkins

We fear that the inner voyage of discovery will lead us to some dreadful, awful truth. In its programming of our minds, this is one of the barriers that the world has set up to prevent us from finding out the real truth. There is one thing the world does not want us to find out and that is the truth about ourselves. Why? Because then we will become free. We can no longer be controlled, manipulated, exploited, drained, enslaved, imprisoned, vilified, or disempowered. Therefore, the inner voyage of discovery is cloaked over with an aura of mystery and foreboding.

What is the real truth about this voyage? The real truth is that, as we go within and discards one illusion after another, one falsehood after another, one negative program after another, it gets lighter and lighter. The awareness of the presence of love becomes stronger and stronger. We will feel lighter and lighter. Life becomes progressively more effortless.

from Letting Go, ch. 6, pg. 106

6 thoughts on “The Inner Voyage”

  1. Letting Go is probably the most helpful book I have read…the only thing close is The Sedona Method…thank you, Dr. Hawkins…

  2. I’m continually astonished by the synchronicity of these weekly wisdoms, to what is currently going on in everyday contemplation. Seems eerily on point, I have a feeling I’m not the only one who appreciates these in a big way. Thank you so much for carrying the torch!!!

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