No Greater Calling

Spiritual evolution is a lifetime commitment and a way of life by which the world and all experience subserves spiritual intention. There is no greater calling than to choose to be a servant of God. With spiritual progress, each increment is of equal importance for, analogously, it is only by the removal of a single brick that an entire wall collapses, and the seemingly impossible becomes possible.

From: “Reality, Spirituality, and Modern Man” (2008), Chapter 19: Practicum, p. 350

2 thoughts on “No Greater Calling”

  1. One of my favorites!!! Every moment, every circumstance, every life challenge is an opportunity for awakening!!

  2. This quote captures the essence of commitment. When Dr Hawkins taught that we are “being propelled by our future,” quotes like this keep me “paddling my canoe” in the direction of my own spiritual learning and evolution. I am continuously in wonder and gratitude for these teachings.

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