Devotional Non-Duality Prayer

“Somebody asked that we finish it up with a prayer today, in line with Devotional Nonduality… That which is the Voice of God is Silence. That we sink into the Voice of God, we sink into the Silence, which is indicative of Divine Presence. Behind the thought, behind the thinkingness, is an Infinite Silence, and the Infinite Silence is the source of all existence. And between the thoughts, under the thoughts, is the profound Silence and all we have to do is to become aware of that Silence, all we have to do is become aware of that Silence, by realizing it’s there.

(Pause in Silence)

 Behind all the sounds of the universe, the Silence is forever there. Behind the sounds in the woods, the woods are silent. The sound of the bird doesn’t have anything to do with the Silence. You see, the Silence is maintained even though there’s sound above it. But the only reason you can hear the sound is that it’s against a background of Silence. So the Silence is there, right in the middle of the sound. So, you focus on the Silence, which is ever-present.

In the middle of cacophony and catastrophe, as the bullets are flying around and the planes are crashing, and all hell is breaking loose, there’s nothing but the Infinite Silence. So you identify with that Silence and just maintain awareness. You can go about your daily life and do everything that you need to do and, at all times, still be aware of the presence of the Silence. So that gives you a centering. So, a centering kind of prayerfulness is you’re always aware of the Silence, which is the infinite context. The reality of the Presence of God is an Infinite Silence. And then, that which you hold in mind in that Silence tends to manifest, not as a result of causation, but potentiality manifesting.

And we thank Thee, O Lord for Thy Divine Presence, as the Infinite Silence, out of which arises our existence. Amen!”

– Paraphrased from the end of the August 2006 lecture, “Reason vs. Truth,” DVD Disc 3, ~ 014400-014740

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  1. Thank you for this Susan. So profound. I actually typed up this part of this lecture myself. Such a lovely reminder to always be still….

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