We attract to us that which we emanate

Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all. It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair. It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll. But to reach maximum power, such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with the expectation of some selfish gain or reward. And its effect is as far-reaching as it is subtle.

In a universe where “like goes to like” and “birds of a feather flock together,” we attract to us that which we emanate. Consequences may come in an unsuspected way. For instance, we are kind to the elevator man, and a year later, a helpful stranger gives us a hand on a deserted highway. An observable “this” does not cause an observable “that”. Instead, in reality, a shift in motive or behavior acts on a field that then produces an increased likelihood of positive responses. Our inner work is like building up a bank account, but one from which we cannot draw at our own personal will. The disposition of the funds is determined by a subtle energy field, which awaits a trigger to release this power back into our own lives.

from Power vs Force, ch.7 pg. 150-151

4 thoughts on “We attract to us that which we emanate”

  1. We only need do simple kindness because we see it as not of our nature. In truth it is our nature and as such we need only to be our nature and simple kindness will be done of its own.

  2. If you ask the Dalai Lama what his religion is, he says “Kindness”. Is there a better answer than that?

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