Like a Note of Music…

If you let go of trying to control your experience of the moment, and if you constantly surrender it like a tone of music, then you live on the crest of this exact always–ness. Experience arises like a note of music. The minute you hear a note, it’s already passing away. The instant you’ve heard it, it’s already dissolving. So every single moment is dissolving as it arises. Let go of anticipating the next moment, trying to control it, trying to hang on to the moment that has just passed. Let go clinging to what has just occurred. Let go trying to control what you think is about to occur. Then you live in an infinite space of non–time and non–event. There is an infinite peace beyond description. And you are home.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, pg. 64

When We are Surrendered…

When we are surrendered, there is no longer the pressure of time.

Frustration comes from wanting a thing now instead of letting it happen naturally in its own time.  Patience is an automatic side effect of letting go, and we know how easy it is to get along with patient people.  Notice that patient people usually get what they want in the end.

from The Letting Go  Card Deck

Added text from Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender book: Ch, 18, pg 276:

One resistance to letting go is the illusion that, if we let go of our wantingness and our expectations, we won’t get what we want. We fear that we will lose it if we don’t keep pressuring for it. The mind has the idea that the way to get a thing is to want it. Actually, if we examine the issue, we will see that events are due to decisions, and choices are based on our intentions. What we get is the result of these choices, even though they are unconscious, rather than what we think we want. When we surrender the pressure of wantingness, we are clear to make wiser choices and decisions.

What is Love, Actually?

So, what is love, actually?

Well, those of you who’ve gone into really high spaces know that love- the love we’re talking about is really about up here [high on MoC]. Love is a way of being. It’s a way of being with the world. The condition of lovingness prevails as a permanency because  it’s what you are. It’s what you’ve become. The willingness to be friendly in Walmart is because you’re a loving being- it’s coming from your lovingness. It doesn’t depend whether this lady with her basket smiles at you or appreciates it; it’s just who you are. And it’s who you are in all times, places and conditions. It doesn’t change. It’s not given, and it’s not lost. It’s not taken away. It’s not something you earn- it’s what you’ve become, similar to generosity.

Generosity is a way of being in the world. It doesn’t have to do with money. Generosity has to do with the willingness to be open and share what you are with life, for… what? For the good of life itself. Only because of that’s what you are. It’s because that’s the way you’ve become. You automatically appreciate life in all its expressions.

Excerpt from the May 2002 Lecture, Disk 3, video point 004935

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual practice in ordinary life in many ways is actually the most favorable and beneficial approach. (This statement calibrates as true.) It is a common observation that it is one thing to be pure and holy in an isolated, safe place, but another to remain committed in the world of endless temptations and confrontations.

Spiritual progress occurs in stages.  In the beginning, one learns of spiritual realitites and studies them.  Then come practice and application of the teachings in every aspect life, and eventually one becomes the teachings.  By dedication, one’s life becomes the prayer.  By devotion, commitment, and practice, spiritual concepts become experiential realities. (As one advanced student said, “How can I forgive my enemies when I no longer have any?”)

Reality, Spirituality, & Modern Man, 2008, Ch. 19, pg. 353-354

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At Level 500…

Importantly, level 500 indicates that the subjective condition called Love has now become not only significant but also dominant, not just as a feeling and emotion, but as the guiding principle. While the energy of Love may be focused as a consequence of interest or motive, it represents a breaking away from restriction and limitation of self-interest. Love serves, whereas ego seeks to be served in its pursuit of gain. To Love, the long-term satisfaction and pleasure of givingness replace the evanescent, short-term ego satisfaction of gain.

The energy of Love has a unique, timeless quality that gratifies potentialities that are subtle and difficult to logically describe. As Love becomes progressively spiritualized, it emerges as an alignment with Divinity, which is the ultimate source and province of Love. It thereby becomes viewed as holy, sacred, and the substance of devotion, religious faith, and mystical awareness.

From consciousness level 500 and up, the attraction of beauty, peace, and inner quietude becomes increasingly important. The spiritual principles of the great teachers become incorporated into one’s lifestyle and eventually become dominant.

Transcending the Levels of Consciousness, Section Three Overview, pg. 242

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