The Purpose of Human Life

In my view, the purpose of human life is to serve God, to serve humanity, and to serve yourself; to be a channel of God’s will for the good of all of mankind, as well as your own evolution.  After all, you are part of mankind, so don’t leave yourself out.

It isn’t you versus mankind; you are part of mankind.  So, in serving mankind, you serve yourself as well.  The purpose of human life, then if that’s what it is, is then the fulfillment of one’s destiny – and you fulfill that by service to yourself, God, and fellow man.  Love now becomes a quality instead of an emotion.  You see people think of love: “Oh Babe, you can’t see how I love you.” Love is a way of defining one’s own reality.  It’s equality. It’s because of lovingness that you step over the black beetle because you appreciate the gift of life – because love is valuable.  Love of quality, the essence, and the good.  And all of this, as we said earlier, affects how you see and experience the world.

from: In the World But Not of It, pg. 66

Appreciate That Every Step Forward Brings Benefits to Everyone

As you advance spiritually, it brings a value to everyone, to every human being.  Because of the collective unconsciousness, every single person who improves helps to elevate the level of consciousness.  And as that elevates, the incidence of war, suffering, ignorance, savaging, and disease diminish.  When you advance yourself, you’re helping everybody appreciate that every step forward benefits everyone.  One’s spiritual dedication and work is a gift to life and the love of mankind.  It’s nice to know that what you think you’re doing only for yourself is actually benefiting everyone around you.  To be kind to just one living being benefits everyone.

The Wisdom of Dr. David R. Hawkins: Classic Teachings on Spiritual Truth and Enlightenment, Pg. 198

Everything Merely “is as it is”

Value, from the ego’s viewpoint, is an emotionalized mentalization, and Reality does not require mentalization.  With humility, one can honestly state and witness that everything merely “is as it is,” independent of projected worth.  Its intrinsic “value” is that it “is”; that is, existence is complete within itself and is not needful of projected nominalization as “special.”  When the Divine Essence of All of Creation shines forth without obstruction, then the ego/mind goes silent in awe.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, Pg. 152

The Value of Knowing How to Surrender…

The value of knowing how to surrender is that any and all feelings can be let go of at any time and any place in an instant, and it can be done continuously and effortlessly.

What is the surrendered state?  It means to be free of negative feelings in a given area so that creativity and spontaneity can manifest without opposition or the interference of inner conflicts.  To be free of inner conflict and expectations is to give others in our life the greatest freedom.  It allows us to experience the basic nature of the universe, which, it will be discovered, is to manifest the greatest good possible in a situation.  This may sound philosophical, but, when done, it is experientially true.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins, pg. 142

We Become Strong by Supporting Strength

We cannot become strong by catering to human weakness.  We become strong by supporting strength.  We become dynamic when we support the aliveness of others.  We become beautiful when we support the beauty of life.  If we are truly coming from the heart, we don’t have to worry about success.  The world will love us, be loyal to us, support us, and forgive us all kinds of mistakes.  If we treat all of our customers like royalty, surprisingly we will find ourselves living a rather royal life.

Daily Reflections from Dr. David R. Hawkins: 365 Contemplations on Surrender, Healing, and Consciousness pg. 139