There are no accidents

Nothing in the universe happens by chance or accident. The universe is a coherent concurrence and interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns. In the state of Awareness, all this is obvious and can be clearly seen and known. Outside that level of awareness, it could be likened to innumerable, invisible magnetic fields which automatically coalesce or repel one’s position and which interact according to the positions and relative strengths and polarities. Everything influences everything else and is in perfect balance.
from The Eye of the I From Which Nothing Is Hidden p. 170

2 thoughts on “There are no accidents”

  1. Thanks for your books and insights. My English was so-so at first but content was so captivating that I use the dictionary without any laziness and read, and read.

  2. I. moves here from the Blue Ridge Mountains in Jun 1977. While there I was initiated by Guru Maharaji. Fortunately I took that which I ‘felt in my heart’ and then continued my journey here in AZ. Dr Hawkins was so close and I missed him. After reading ‘Power vs Force’ all of my 60 years (since I had my first experience with The Presence at 11 yrs old) of reading everything I cold get my hands on (from Master Po to Baird Spalding) his work brought it all together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I working my way through the third book in the trilogy. My wife and friends are questioning my sanity as now I am crying at the sight, sound or words of Love. Words have answered my question of why this is happening. Bless all of you.

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