Every Spiritual Aspirant Serves the World

… one transcends the negative by merely choosing the opposite. With the internal discipline that stems from passionate commitment, the negative choices are no longer seen as options. We all then become conscientious objectors when we draw the line and set boundaries. This rather automatically occurs as a consequence of choosing spiritual goals that we value above the goals of the world.

Spiritual views are not very popular in society in general. It is not necessary to impose one’s views on others. Proselytizing is best done by example rather than by coercion and lapel grabbing. We influence others by what we are rather than by what we say or have. To express views that are contrary to public opinion may be sociologically praiseworthy, but to do so leads to conflict and enmeshment in the arguments and discord in the world. The pursuit of ’causes’ is the role of the social and political reformer, which is an activity different from that of the seeker of enlightenment. Praiseworthy endeavors can be seen as deserving of sympathetic support, but they are also perceptually defined positionalities with intrinsic limitations and agendas. Embroilment in the issues of society is a luxury which the seeker of spiritual enlightenment needs to forego.

Each person has their own karma or destiny to fulfill and it is best not to confuse these missions. The spiritually motivated saints of history did indeed uplift mankind, and such was the nature of their missions and the merit of spiritual courage which often included even the sacrifice of their physical lives. Collectively, these social saints inspire whole nations and cultures and thus, by their public lives, silently serve all mankind for generations.

The calling of the private-life spiritual aspirant is more socially humble but equally important and of service to the whole of mankind. The social saint uplifts by external action and example. The devotee uplifts by internal progression. Every increase in the level of consciousness affects the consciousness of all mankind…

… We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become. Thus, every spiritual aspirant serves the world.

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