How God Can Be Recognized

 Q: How can God be recognized unless one is already well along the path?

A: The first evidence of the presence of God is an awakening curiosity or interest in spiritual matters. That is the crack in the ego’s dam. When the person begins to desire or practice spiritual goals or pursue spiritual information, the Presence is already taking hold of one’s life.

If the desire arises to surrender all obstacles to love and to God, then God is already present in the form of willingness. When one reaches devotion, there is already quite an advanced Presence that is dissolving the ego and illuminating the way. Spiritual progress and discovery are accompanied by joy, which is the radiance of the Self and quickly replaces the surrendered ego’s positionalities. Spiritual inspiration increases in intensity each step along the way. When the self stops looking to the world or to the ego, it discovers that is source has been the Self all along.

From  “I: Reality and Subjectivity”, ch. 18, pg. 422

4 thoughts on “How God Can Be Recognized”

  1. It can’t be written any more powerful than this statement today.
    Such a profound sense of gratitude to Dr Hawkins for being the contribution
    to those of us blessed to discover his work.
    I saw him speak in Sedona, Az many years ago and was truly enamored to be in the presence of an enlightened Being.

  2. Thank you for keeping Dr. Hawkins’ message alive. I prayed for years to find someone who had their act together about spirituality. And, to this day, there has not been a question I have that has not already been answered by his work. Thank you for still being there!

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